What We Do

AWC runs a number of annual and semi-annual activities to support its mission of promoting the recruitment and retention of women in technology- and computer-oriented professions. These activities are designed to foster professional development and contribute to the local community. We also have many social activities to help build an enduring sense of community.


We meet about twice a month. Our meetings are a place to meet, plan our activites, and hear some great talks from people from the industry, and to have fun. They also include dinner! Our meetings are usually on Tuesday evenings, 7pm, at McBryde 110. Feel free to stop by our meetings and get to know a little bit more about AWC. Everybody is welcome! To find out when the next meeting is, check out the events calendar.

Women in Computing Day

Girls looking enthusiastic in front of computerAWC’s keystone event, Women in Computing Day (WCD) is a change to introduce cutting edge technology to 7th grade girls! On this day, we invite nearly 85 7th grade girls from local schools near the Blacksburg, VA area to share the joy of technology and inspire them to pursue computing careers. They attend student-organized learning sessions on topics such as robotics, computer programming, large-screen displays, and Virtual Environments as they interact with cutting-edge technologies housed at Virginia Tech.

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Group of people in AWC shirts in room with ugly carpetEvery year, the AWC sends some members to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC)!  An energetic and inspirational celebration of women in computing, the GHC is designed to bring together women in computing related careers. With over 4,000 women in attendance, this conference provides a forum for sharing research, providing mentorship, and empowering the next generation of women in computing.

But wait!  Can I go to this amazing conference?
If you want to attend Grace Hopper conference with us, get involved with AWC!  Every academic year, AWC members receive Grace Hopper points for participation in club activities, such as attending meetings, helping on fundraisers, volunteering and representing AWC in external events, baking goods for our bake sale table, and more. When it comes the time to decide who will receive financial help from AWC to attend Grace Hopper, points will be considered.