AWC Game Night

The AWC had a successful game night to kick off the semester. Join our listserv and our facebook group to stay appraised of our events this semester! Planned highlights include an exciting talk by Dr. Margaret Ellis and the annual Women in Computing Day!

Gaming Night (Spring 2016) Gaming Night (Spring 2016)

Google Cardboard!

Wednesday Nov 18th, McB 110 at 7 pm: THIS WEDNESDAY! AWC takes on Google Cardboard! If you missed it the first time, come out and discover what it means to have Google Cardboard.

Women in Gaming Night

Date: Wednesday Oct 7th
Time: 7 pm
Location: McB 110
Food: Pizza and cookies!

How are women represented in video games? Does it matter if women are only there as a reward to be collected, like an upgraded sword or a new outfit? Do depictions of graphic violence against women promote violence against women IRL? Are the critics just Social Justice Warriors with their own agenda, or brave voices fighting against a culture of oppression? At this meeting, we’ll dive into the GamerGate controversy by watching a video about Women in Gaming by Anita Sarkessian, and then a counterpoint video. As a group, we’ll discuss the impact that video games have on our lives and how they affect gender issues. Everyone is welcome to attend this lively discussion with pizza!

Who Exactly Wants “Women in Computing”?

A short, interactive talk by Dr. Deborah Tatar (the club adviser).

“In-so-far as we live in a post-racial, post-feminist world, answering the question of who wants women in computing should be a no-brainer.  In fact, from a post-feminist point of view, the question should not even require answering: women are individuals who do what they want.  And, furthermore, an organization like the Association for Women in Computing might seem at best quaint.  After all, we’re living in the 21st Century!  Furthermore, if there’s an AWC, why isn’t there an AMC?  I will examine these questions and provide some suggestions about how our visions of ourselves shape our work lives.  But do we live in a post-racial, post-feminist world?  And if we don’t, how do we get there?”

When: 9/23/2015 at 7pm
Where: McBryde 110
Food: Pizza, Veggies, and Cookies!

Study/Social Night in McBryde 110 at 7PM!

Hey all,

Just a friendly remind that though we don’t have any official meeting/activities planned, we will still be in McBryde 110 at 7PM (11/19/2014) tonight, with cookies! Come by to grab cookies & work on whatever you need to (this is crunch week!). If you have an aptitude for baking we welcome any baked goods you create…

Thanks everyone!

Cheesecake & Coffee with GTRI

Researcher Kelly Stevens from the Georgia Tech Research Institute joined us for coffee and cheesecake on 9/14/2014. She was a member of AWC at VT when she was a student here and was excited to share her experiences at Georgia Tech, motherhood, and being a woman in computing with the AWC.

Congratulations to AWC Officer Kara Vaillancourt

Congratulations to AWC Officer Kara Vaillancourt, recipient of the National Award for Aspirations in Computing last year! Kara says:
I won the National Award for Aspirations in Computing last year which is an award for high school girls who reflect these characteristics: “Award recipients are selected based on their aptitude and aspirations in technology and computing; leadership ability; academic history; and plans for post-secondary education.” –
The NCWIT community is so strong and supportive, its the reason I chose CS as my major. They have kept on supporting me through my college career. This has been through finances; professional and peer mentoring; female-CS social events; job opportunities; a network of strong, determined, technical women, etc.
I do my best to give back wherever I can, participating in discussions, contests, and I even spoke at the ceremony for the Regional VA/DC Affiliate Awards for Aspirations last year at the Regional Grace Hopper Conference. I plan on attending the AiC Summit next summer (if my internship will allow me) and going to meetups at the National Grace Hopper Conference as well.